Instructions for use Alfazone

A man gets Alfazone

Male potency capsules Alfazone have already helped many European men to raise the level of intimate life to unprecedented heights. In the UAE, as in other countries, men are exposed to a number of negative influences that have a negative impact on their potential.

Causes of potency problems

reason explanation
Excessive physical work or low standard of living The body is completely exhausted, there is not enough food for a normal life.
Excessive preoccupation with other areas of life, "business people syndrome", overly pampered lifestyle. The psychological component of the problem is the decrease in testosterone production.
Lack of relationship with partner or conditions of intimate relationship, psychological pressure. Psychological component of the problem.
Chronic diseases Tuberculosis, trichomoniasis, diabetes, ureaplasmosis, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body, etc. Sh. In the latter case, Alfazone capsules may be suitable as an auxiliary and corrective agent.
Use of a number of chemicals Medicines, anabolics, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. Sh. Alfazone promotes rejection of alcohol as a stimulant in intimate relationships.

Indications for Alfazone capsules

The drug Alfazone allows to expand the sexual abilities of men at almost any age relatively quickly, without side effects. It can be recommended after a long period of abstinence for one reason or another, as a restorative remedy after a number of diseases. The complex of natural substances included in the medicine makes it possible to accelerate erection, increase male strength by improving blood supply processes, prolong intercourse without premature ejaculation and improve sensitivity due to the healing effect on the nervous system. man. The use of Alfazone capsules makes it possible to refuse stimulation with alcohol and chemical drugs, which have a negative effect on the body and give only short-term results.

Contraindications for Alfazone

The drug cannot be used by people who have allergic reactions to the entire composition of capsules or individual components. For men with multiple serious diseases or for a specific set of drugs used, use is carried out after consultation with the attending physician. The drug is not intended for children.

Instructions for use

Alfazone capsules are taken according to the instructions attached to the course no more than twice a day. The popular drug has a cumulative effect: after a few weeks of administration, the condition of the blood vessels and the nervous system improves daily, potency increases, new sensations appear due to an increase in the transmission of sexual arousal signals, and the production of endogenous testosterone begins. Capsules improve blood circulation in the genitals, increase the size of the penis by a third, eliminate fatigue and stress, increase attraction to your partner, which allows you to make a great impression on him.