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The probability of erectile dysfunction has worried every man at least once in his life. Alfazone capsules are specially designed to address a wide range of male concerns. Alfazone is clinically tested and contains natural ingredients.

Where to buy capsules in UAE?

Alfazone is not sold in pharmacies to avoid the possibility of counterfeiting such an important drug. It can be purchased from the official website at a price of {€45} with a 50 percent discount. The order is made through the form with a phone number and name.

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A weak erection can be caused by problems in the brain, cardiovascular or hormonal systems of the body. Alfazone capsules, made available for men in the United Arab Emirates, completely and gently solve male problems without side effects due to the natural composition. Capsules allow you to give up alcohol as a stimulant, increase the time of sexual intercourse. The drug has passed many tests and has already proven its effectiveness.
Before using Alfazone

A new look at male potency problems with Alfazone

Today, the opinion of doctors about the nature of male sexual problems has changed somewhat. Previously, it was believed that problems related to erection (and, therefore, potency and libido) are of a more psychological nature (nervous tension, complexes, frantic pace of life, etc. ). It turned out that this is not entirely true: the basis of these problems also lies in cardiovascular diseases, spinal and pelvic injuries, peripheral nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary system disorders. For example, with stroke-induced cerebral circulation disorders, innervation is reduced, which affects sexual function in general, erection, and potency in particular.

With the improper functioning of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for 66% of the production of androgens, i. e. the thyroid gland, potency deteriorates. With poor liver function, especially in connection with alcohol abuse, the metabolism of sex hormones is distorted, which can lead to dysfunction of the testicles. Atherosclerosis and hypertension, injuries, dystrophic events cause blood circulation disorders and poor erection. For any of the above reasons, chemical-based drug therapy may be prescribed, which may negatively affect erection without significant improvement.

Advantages of Alfazone

The natural drug Alfazone has a predominantly etiotropic effect, helps to gently relieve male sexual problems without addiction and in a short time, thanks to unique components, the use of which has been confirmed by centuries of traditional medicine practice and clinical studies. Alfazone can help with more than ten types of erectile dysfunction. Other drugs are typical representatives of symptomatic treatment: they act on the symptoms of the disease in a short time, and not on the cause of the disease.

Type of treatment explanation
Etiotropic Treats the underlying causes of disease (Alfazone)
immunostimulatory Affects the patient's immune system
Pathogenetic affects the mechanism of the disease itself
symptomatic Stops disease syndromes with short-term, sometimes improvement

Capsules for the alpha zone of male potency, their composition

Alfazone cannot be ordered from a pharmacy chain in the UAE, as there is a high possibility of counterfeiting, and the UAE is no exception in this regard. Any man can order capsules on the official website. The price إ 239 (view the cost in other countries) is quite reasonable. With this money you can buy a natural remedy to improve potency, erection and libido with fast action and no side effects.

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